As more than 1000 clients will testify, we have provided world-class total solutions in a technology-driven industry. We are extremely proud that clients have chosen to give us that crucial first-chance and then followed it up with more business.

One key factor in our favor is the available collective human capital experience at our disposal: itis worth over 100 years.We are great believers in the dictum that innovative technology needs a human touch.

In fact, apart from offices in Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur we plan to expand to as many as 16 cities in India through partner organizations. This will enable us to understand and partner our growing clientele better.

Our Clients:

  • CAD (Architects, Builders, Turnkey Consultants, Copy Shops, Manufacturing)
  • GIS Utility (Telecom, Gas, Surveyors, Mapping Service Providers, Education)
  • Govt (City planning, Municipal Corporations, Petroleum, Defence, Infrastructure)
  • Graphics (Retail, Media Agencies, Publication, Print Service Providers)
  • Others (Indoor printing, Photographers / Photo, Studio, Fine Arts)