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Because every print matters

We know photos and documents are important to you, so enjoy peace of mind with HP Print Supplies.

Ensure your ink and toner are Original HP

Counterfeit HP cartridges are predominantly refilled or remanufactured print cartridges packed in unauthorized or fake reproductions of HP packaging, which can cheat you out of your money and provide you with performance that can't compare to genuine HP cartridges. At HP, we are constantly striving to protect you from counterfeiters with new security measures.

Protect yourself from counterfeits

With our new HP security seals, you can detect and avoid replicas of any Original HP cartridge, ensuring that you get the quality that you paid for.

Efficient performance

Original HP cartridges deliver only great quality prints, so you will be able to save costs, time and the environment by reducing the need to reprint.

Print beautiful. Print responsibly.

HP has specially engineered cartridges made of recycled materials that are designed to produce the most efficient performance, so when you choose HP, you've done your part in conserving the environment.